A multi-functional gadgets for camping outdoors that you can not miss out

//A multi-functional gadgets for camping outdoors that you can not miss out

A multi-functional gadgets for camping outdoors that you can not miss out

A lot of times, when we go out for a picnic or a camping trip, we often forget to take enough field tools with us.

Or every time you go out, you have to pack a lot of stuff into your bag and fill your bag.。Because we are not sure what kind of gadgets we need to use, we usually put the gadgets we think into the bag, similar to a knife, direction indicator, opener, small serrations and so on.

But there is such a small tool, although it is the size of card, but almost contains most of the camping tool function, make our farewell trival, it is multi-function card, simple, practical, and contains the following 11 kinds of functions:

1.Direction ancillary: use a 16 decile scale to accurately determine different directions

2.Position wrench: two different types of Hexagon wrench

3.Lanyard hole

4.Butterfly screw wrench: a hollow strip groove, you can squeeze any items of different thicknesses with a turnbuckle

5.Saw knife: double staggered sawtooth, increase intensity of power and improve efficiency, can be used to cut wood branches and remove fish scales

6.Can opener:open tin cans easily in cooperation with the hook below and the upper edge

7.Knife: sharp blade, can cut the rope and peel fruits

8.Screwdriver: located on a corner of the card (labor-saving according to the principles of the mechanics)

9.Cap opener: suitable to open the bottle cap of beer and beverage

  1. 4 position wrench: four different types of Hexagon Wrench, suitable for bolts and nuts of daily used size

11.Rule: adopting metric scale with MM minimum scale

Although the multifunctional business card covers 11 functions, it is smaller than an ordinary bus card, and is about the same thickness as a bank card. You can put it in your wallet and carry it very easily.

At the same time, this multi-functional card is made of stainless steel, with fine workmanship and smooth and smooth front and back. Waterproofing is not rusted, not easy to scratch flowers, also not easy to fall rotten. You can also customize your own unique logo on the card.

This small tool can be used not only for outdoor survival, camping, fishing and hunting, but also for gardening prune, peel and chop the fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. It also applies to emergency situations such as first aid, medical care and fire fighting. Indoors, it can also be used as a DIY tool and the use of cutting box knives.

In a word, it is convenient and practical to have a multi-functional business card like this. If you want to know more about this product, you can scan the qr code below, and there are more styles for you to choose from.

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